Rock Chic?

Rock Chic?

Dorothy Perkins strappy dress
20 –

Illustrated People crop top
$40 –

Tuesday Night Band Practice zip jacket
$1,012 –

Converse star shoes
$40 –

Wet Seal heart jewelry
$19 –

Ray-Ban ray ban shades
60 –

NARS Lipstick – SUMMER 2011
$24 –
Hey there!
Looking at this new set, you’ve probably think i’ve gone goth… don’t worry, I haven’t! But I have got into All Time Low. So check out their new single: I feel like Dancin’ So this is kinda a different style from my previous dainty doll vintage set… oops. I would probably NEVER wear this stuff, but some people wear this and totally rock it! But black converse are an essential! They go with everything, and give your outfit a bit more rock chic! Or for a more casual rocker look, try a black lace dainty dress, it looks great with pale skin and red lips, so vampires, you know what to wear! Haha comment and tell me if you like this style? Stay beautiful ♥
Tutti Fruiti x