Plans, plans and more plans…

Hello again!

Long time no post? I know, I know, I’m slacking again! Anyways, I have written this to notify you on what my posts will include…
Firstly, I have decided to review some products, nail polish, skincare, cosmetics, creams… everything beauty related, so you can look out for those…
Secondly, I will still be doing my signature ‘Get the Look’s so if you like those then be sure to keep checking this blog!
And last of all, I will be uploading beauty tricks and also style tips…
Keep looking out for more fun things (:
Stay glamorous

Binky Felstead – Made In Chelsea

Binky Felstead - Made In Chelsea

Scoop neck top
£81 –

Dorothy Perkins long sleeve top
$27 –

Jack Wills romper
$60 –

H&M short jean shorts
£15 –

Philipp Plein peep toe heels
£1,499 –

Elie Saab high heels
$288 –

A Wear woven belt
£2.50 –

Models own nail polish
£5 –

Pastel Palace

Pastel Palace

Glamorous dress
£30 –

Glamorous lace evening dress
£28 –

Anchor shirt
£80 –

Blue hoodie
£15 –

Daisy vest
£9.99 –

Lace shorts
$64 –

Skinny leg jeans
£22 –

Denim short shorts
£20 –

Melissa short heels
$145 –

Leather shoes
$64 –

Lace up boots
£35 –

Jas MB satchel backpack
£295 –

Frangos oval ring
$112 –

ASOS jelly watch
$31 –

Tri color ring
$24 –

Heart jewelry
£9.60 –

Essie nailpolish
$8 –

The Hunger Games

Hello there!

Today I will be doing a fashion post on the Hunger Games nail polish line and also some of the wardrobe in the new movie. I haven’t actually seen the movie yet, but I am extremely excited and will be taking a trip to the cinema very soon and I have just started the first book. Okay, let’s just start with the fact that Katniss is the *best* big sister ever. She is a strong feminist with really cool hair styles… The other day I finally figured out how to do the Katniss french plait up-do, it’s actually a dutch braid (reversed plait) and It’s really simple! I will insert a picture of her hair somewhere in this post!


The people of this fictional land could give the Gaga’s, and Katy’s and Nicki Minaj a run for their money, as far as eccentric costumes were concerned. On second thoughts they would probably feel completely at home among them, or maybe not as they wouldn’t stand out. *awkward*

One person who stood out in the movie, in terms of styling is Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket). She actually looks like a character out of one of Tim Burton’s movie. Think Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (but in a gown). Quite stylish and she carries it really well! Katniss and the people from her district are the only ones who dressed like normal people. Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen in the movie, sports different looks in the film, but her rusty and adventurous look has got maximum thumbs-up. Influenced by the military look, her style is  utilitarian and practical.

Agro. An almost frosty green-gold, you need to watch out for brush strokes a little bit, but if you’re careful in application, it looks fine.
Smoke and Ashes. The glass flecks in China Glaze Glittering Garland, but with a really dark green/black base, and you’ve got Smoke and Ashes. I can tell I’m going to get heaps on wear out of this as we head into the winter months. I neeeed this.
Electrify. A mix of medium red and gold glitter. Despite people complaining about the opacity of this, it is actually quite opaque.
Luxe and Lush. Luxe and Lush is a flakie style top coat, except it’s more like iridescent shards than the traditional ‘flakies’ that we’ve been seeing recently.
Dress Me Up. A gorgeous dusty pink mauve, this colour just makes me thinks of the character Prim, Katniss’ sister. It is a really fresh take on a traditional pink.
Fast Track. A neutral creamy beige with a gold shimmer. Very pretty and subtle
Foie Gras. A Purple-y brown. Not much to say about this one…
 Harvest Moon. A shimmery bronze, leaning more to brown than gold, but with a bit of a gold tint to it.
Hook and Line. This one is a little frosty also, similar to Agro, and you might find similar brush stroke issues. Colour wise, I personally think this is quite unusual. It’s not a grey, but not quite a silver, and it’s not a foil or a metallic. It kind of reminds me of mist or fog.
Mahogany Magic. A rich creamy brown, I can’t help but think of milk chocolate when I see this.
Riveting. The star of the show, in my opinion. Riveting is a glorious shimmery orange, with prominent gold pigment in it. Surprisingly opaque.
Stone Cold. After seeing other swatches, I knew that this would dry matte, but it just looks so cool! And all the silvery specks are highlighted further with the top coat.
I knew I would love this collection just because I love The Hunger Games, but some of these polishes are quickly becoming favourites! My picks would be Dress Me Up, Electrify, Fast Track, Riveting, Smoke and Ashes,  Agro, and Stone Cold.
The weaker shades in my view are: Mahogany Magic and Foie Gras.
I absolutely loved Effie Trinkets nail design during the reaping, so I decided to have a go myself. The first attempt was a disaster. I used the bathroom sponge to get the gradient which just left massive blobs on my nails…meh.
The second attempt was much better. I used a wet cotton bud (Q-tip) To dab on the gold polish in several coats. Here is the end product. I was asked about my nails five times I shops when I was paying for stuff today!
Love you lots,
Helena xx

RE: Clotheshorse

Hello everyone!

Okay, so today is probably going to turn out as a rant, so I hope you do not mind! But I think this is really a topic worth talking about. Firstly, I would like you to go to, and read the post called clotheshorse. Basically, she is talking about how people label you by what you wear.

She was called a really nasty word by some horrible boys because she was wearing a slightly tight top and jeggings. Really? Are those boys that immature? Izzy, if you are reading this, then please don’t take their comments to heart. But it made me think about how random people who don’t even know you, label you by your clothing. Short dress? S*ag. Old clothes? Uncool. Knitted jumper? Charity shop kid. Jack Wills? Rich. We are labelled everyday by our faces, hair colour, body, name, job, school: But now we are labelled by our clothing.

We have all fallen for branding. Jack Wills, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch and Superdry are some of the well-known brands. I have to be honest with you. I have fallen for them. I wanted to be cool, to be pretty and liked at a time when I was (still am) extremely self conscious. I wanted to be like the ‘big kids’ that always looked great. And suddenly one day, I thought that if I bought the same top, I would be cool too. Of course, It didn’t work. I was labelled as a wannabe kid with no fashion sense in my purple Jack Wills tee that was way to big for me.

I still have loads of hoodies from those brands, but not because I want to be cool for having them, but because I love hoodies. I wear them every day, and these ones are extremely comfortable.  still feel self-conscious when I go out wearing them. I feel like people think I wear them to be liked, but really I wear them because it is what i feel comfortable in. And that is the only golden rule in fashion: To always dress in something you feel comfortable in. Personally, I don’t really like going out with ‘Hollister’ emblazoned across my sweater: I feel like one of those people who have to stand in the street wearing a pizza costume advertising ‘Dominoes Pizza’! I prefer to get a plain top from H&M and a blazer. At least i’m not going around advertising for a company.

But really, we shouldn’t judge people by the way they look. You can’t not think things, but to say those hurtful things aloud is just plain nasty. If you have ever been called anything that has stung, don’t listen. You wear what you want. Don’t let other people bring you down.

Stay Beautiful,

Tutti-Fruiti xx

Bonjour! I’m back!

Hello again! It seems sooo long since I have done a post… sorry! I have recently finished all of my exams and music stuff so I am all yours now! Actually, I have recently started a new blog on blogspot, called It is basically where I talk about daydreaming and really random stuff that is not fashion related 🙂 So check it out!

Anyway, I have a very important trip to France with my friends and I have NOTHING to wear. I know, i know, i’m slacking… Although, I have recently bought a luscious blue vintage dress from a vintage fair that I will happily take. Now, the problem is, I don’t know what the weather’s going to be like! Do I pack shorts and t-shirts or ugg boots and jumpers? I would take both usually (I always overpack..) but seeing as I have to carry my suitcase, I think I will be taking a rather small wheelie bag that will only fit a few clothes 😦 meh.

I must go now, because I have to drive for 2hrs for a singing thing.
Stay glamorous,

Tutti- Fruiti xx

Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya Coleman

Vince metallic sweater
$410 –

Sheer tank top
€17 –

Flower top
$25 –

Dorothy Perkins georgette top
£17 –

J Brand distressed denim shorts
£65 –

Giuseppe Zanotti mirror shoes
$595 –

Iosselliani bangles jewelry
$403 –

Uniqlo wool beanie hat
£20 –

$6 –

Autumn – Winter ’11 Best Beauty Trends

Autumn - Winter '11 Best Beauty Trends

Glaze In Bubblegum
$12 –

$6 –

Nars Eyebrow Pencil
$21 –

Emma Watson – Pixiee

Emma Watson - Pixiee

Ganni floral dress
€72 –

Balenciaga knit cardigan
£365 –

T shirt
$30 –

Miu miu handbag
$1,495 –

Ray-Ban black wayfarer sunglasses
£60 –

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Alexander McQueen snap shirt
$1,355 –

Alexander McQueen zipper skirt
$995 –

Rupert Sanderson high heel shoes
$595 –

Victoria’S Secret Triple Drama Mascara
$14 –

Marc Jacobs Lola Eau De Parfum 100ml
£63 –