Leighton Denny – Nail Polish Review

Hello there!

I am here with my first ever review!!! And it is on the nail polish by Leighton Denny. The shade is a beautiful shimmering coral. The polish is extremely opaque and you could get away with just one coat, however I opted for the safer option of two coats. However the only con is that the polish has already started to chip, I’m not sure if this is because of the polish or because of the abysmal top coat I used… I did a flower on my thumb and ring finger to complete the look. I really like the colour and the slight pink-ish shimmer makes this polish completely different to any other coral polish. The consticency of the polish is really good quality, but that is what I would expect for £11! The polish isn’t hard to work with and is slightly more runny than expected but that is probably what makes it so easy to work with. The brush is relatively narrow, so if you have wider nails then it might be a bit frustrating compared to OPI’s thick brush. The nail polish is priced at £11, which is rather expensive for a girl on a budget, but I just couldn’t help splashing out on the gorgeous color! I really like the packaging of the bottle and it is a thoroughly good product!Coral Reef



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