Vintage Baby!

Vintage Baby!


Vintage clothing dress

Printed top
$19 –

Hot pants shorts
$66 –

Vintage style shoes
$30 –

Cameo antique gold jewelry
$24 –

Seafolly beach sun hat
$13 –
Hey there!
I’ve really been into vintage clothing lately! I have been into EVERY charity shop and thrift store I can find, searched through the clothes and found some wonderful gems. Thrift store clothes are great, some have never even been worn! If you love the pattern on a shirt, but the cut is just not you, you can easily trim it here and there which will make it even more unique! Vintage jewellery is also great! Retro sunglasses and pin badges are also super cool! But this summer, a must have is the high waisted shorts…These go great with a flowy crop top and plimsoles, sandals or converse and of course, a trilby or sun hat…♥
There are some great online vintage stores and there is bound to be a thrift store or charity shop near you 🙂 So head down to the shops and get yourself some vintage baby!
♥ Tutti Fruiti
p.s My new name is Tutti Fruiti but I am still iknowhowitends IKHIE x

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