Roses are red, Violets are blue…

Hi everyone!

How was your valentines day? Any mystery cards??? Here are some great products to give/wear on Valentines day! (I know, It’s a bit late…)

All these makeup products are Barry m ( The first pic is pink/ crimson dazzle dust. Then Strawberry ice-cream nail paint and then Pinkie gold sparkle lip paint. For a dazzling look try the dazzle dust and the nail paint with a peachy blush and nude-ish lips. OR try the lip paint with a mushroom eyeshadow and pinky blush. BARRY M DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!!!!

Mix this makeup look with a sweet dolly dress such as this Temperly London powder pink silk blend day dress.

Or a less pricy version from RARE:

Chiffon Stud Dress: Chiffon dress with stud detail around neck and pockets with a tie back fastening. In nude pink or cream.

Have fun ♥                                                                                                                                                                                   

Bye xxx

p.s get the RARE dress from OR get the Temperly London dress from .



Today I am going to post about Uggs. Uggs are a sheepskin boot with fur lining. There are countless styles and colours, and there are countless fake uggs. There is nothing wrong with fake uggs at all! Infact, They are a very sensible idea if your feet are growing fast or if you don’t want to spend c.£200 on a pair of shoes. Uggs are an Austrailian boot and were made in Australia. Ugg Australia also does slippers, clogs, mules, trainers (converse/sneakers) and outdoor slippers. Here is a link to their website: . From personal experience, I would advise you not to wear your Uggs in the rain or snow because they can get damaged, and that wouldn’t be very good if you’ve paid c.£200 for them. There are a number of sprays you can buy to keep your Uggs waterproof though!

Here are some pictures of the different styles:

Classic Tall: Chestnut (My fave!)

Bailey Button: Grey

Bailey Button Triplet: Chocolate

Cozy Knit: Cream

Bailey Button Perf: Fruit Punch

Bye xxx

p.s here’s a little game you can play… When you’re going shopping count how many Uggs you see! I did on a 1hr shopping trip an found 82 pairs of Uggs!!! Wow :O

Panda Hats :)


Hats with bear ears, arn’t they just the custest thing you’ve ever seen!? The Panda hat is one of my favourite accessorys, I goes with almost anything and it is warm and cosy! It’s cute but not baby-ish. I was looking for one for ages, but I eventually found one! I got it from River Island ( You can get them from other places (I think does similar hats and so does ) but I got mine from River Island. Here are some celebs wearing the hat!

 I hope you love the hat as much as I do!

Ellie Goulding


Katy Perry


Bye xxx

Hello world!

Hi this is my new blog, ‘I know how it ends’. Please visit my friends blog it’s a fashion blog, and it’s amazing, so pretty please, with a cherry on top, visit it. This is going to be a tres tres random blog but i hope you will enjoy it! Please comment on my posts and tell your friends to visit! Thanks soooooooo much!

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p.s tres=very, I will use this word alot…