Cheryl Cole and a little Polyvore :)


Today’s get the look is Cheryl Cole, but first, I want to talk about It’s a great website, and I don’t think it’s gets enough cred on my blog! So, what is Polyvore?? Polyvore is where you can make your own fashion collages and stuff. It’s really simple and easy to use and it’s how I make all my ‘get the looks’. It’s really fun to do and if you do read this and go on polyvore, please comment what your polyvore username is so I can look at your sets (fashion collages)! So please check out that website along with this cool fashion blog

Anyways, back to Cheryl Cole. So here’s how to ‘get the look!’

Dark peach button through cardigan
20 GBP –

J Brand 912 low-rise skinny jeans
$200 –

Burberry Buckled suede ankle boots
$995 –

Off white sequin snood
22 GBP –
Wrap sunglasses »

Wood Wood ‘Snowflakes’ Beanie: Red
14 GBP –

So, first of all, sorry but I couldn’t find a gorgeous enough cardigan like Cheryl’s so I thought the red one would do 😦 but I think you can buy those sorta things from your local market. And I know she isn’t wearing a hat, but on a cold day, this hat would go perfectly with this outfit! And I actually think I’ve found the EXACT boots Cheryl was wearing! score! 🙂
Bye xxx

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