Luella Inspired Look


Luella is one of my favourite designers. Her clothes are so stylish and pretty. Luella make the geek glasses cool! I love Luella, but of course, it is VERY pricy, so, I decided I would show you how to get the Luella look for less!

Inspired by: Luella S/S 2008

Luella Bartley selected a worthy and unexpected muse as the inspiration point for her S/S 08 collection—Thora Birch’s sardonic character in Ghost World—and we’re getting a kick out of the results. The runway look comes across a bit like Daria (Morgendorffer, not Werbowy)-meets-Cyndi Lauper, with a dash of Siouxsie Sioux too. In other words, the style is a combination of cartoon teen geek chic and pop rebel, plus a bit of punk to toughen things up. All in all, highly inspirational and totally something we want to emulate.

Will Broome Zip Rabbit Tee ($50)
The fashion community (read: Marc Jacobs) loves Will Broome’s darkly funny illustrations and right now Topshop’s got a genius capsule collection of his work. This must-have rabbit t-shirt zips up the back and echos the Waving Batman Tee ($110) excellently.

Wet Seal Mini Heart Purse ($10.50)
Wear your cross-body bag with some attitude and indifference for that too-smart-for-your-own-good, sullen, teen sweetheart style. This bright yellow Lolita-lite bag is totally ridiculous and kind of trashtastic.

Urban Outfitters Betsy’s Readers ($14)
The models wore oversized Linda Farrow vintage frames in the show and they made the look complete. So I found these black plastic frames at Urban Outfitters (they’re only available online) and think they’re very Luella. They’re a good cheap thrill and remind us of a pair we had in high school when were cultivating a Lelaina Pierce look. But you can get these glasses from almost anywhere nowdays! 

Dr. Martens W-8 Eye Boots ($114)
These white patent leather boots were made for stomping and that’s just what they’ll do. And by “stomp” I mean walk like an Estonian model, not trample people violently—obviously.

Topshop Printed Tiered Mini Skirt ($60)
Admittedly, a tiered ruffled miniskirt isn’t a look for all bodies, but if you’re game for the flouncy fit, we’ve got a skirt for you. This marvelous mini has a gorgeous multicolor print (gray, green, fuchsia, black, and blue are all in there) and great movement.

I hope you like this look as much as I do! bye xxx

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