Roses are red, Violets are blue…

Hi everyone!

How was your valentines day? Any mystery cards??? Here are some great products to give/wear on Valentines day! (I know, It’s a bit late…)

All these makeup products are Barry m ( The first pic is pink/ crimson dazzle dust. Then Strawberry ice-cream nail paint and then Pinkie gold sparkle lip paint. For a dazzling look try the dazzle dust and the nail paint with a peachy blush and nude-ish lips. OR try the lip paint with a mushroom eyeshadow and pinky blush. BARRY M DOES NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!!!!

Mix this makeup look with a sweet dolly dress such as this Temperly London powder pink silk blend day dress.

Or a less pricy version from RARE:

Chiffon Stud Dress: Chiffon dress with stud detail around neck and pockets with a tie back fastening. In nude pink or cream.

Have fun ♥                                                                                                                                                                                   

Bye xxx

p.s get the RARE dress from OR get the Temperly London dress from .

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